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UBS Financial Services

About This Project

Garnering positive coverage about financial institutions can be difficult. The industry receives strict scrutiny from media and financial stories often lack visuals. UBS Financial Services’ Cornell/Nicholson Team, however, came to us with a great story and we wanted to help. In anticipation of a groundbreaking for third Fisher House in Dayton, Ohio, the team was planning a fundraiser with $25,000 in donations expected. Sarah knew the upcoming Dayton Fisher House had been in the news, and so she quickly researched reporters who had previously covered the story, contacted them with this new fundraising information and provided an opportunity to further their coverage with an updated story angle. The Cornell/Nicholson Team’s event was picked up by two local TV stations, a local radio station and the Dayton Business Journal. Best of all, the team exceeded their goal, raising $27,550 for the Dayton Fisher House!