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LLS Fundraiser

About This Project

Raising $3,500 for Leukemia and Lymphoma was the challenge set before Carrie Franzo and her sister, Jill, when they signed up for the New York City Marathon. Looking for ideas to help accomplish her fundraising goal, Holsapple Communications suggested Carrie make a video for social media. Keeping the video short and to-the-point, while also conveying Carrie’s personal connection to the fundraiser were Sarah’s goals for the video. Sarah’s experience as a TV reporter gave her the tools needed to produce compelling video and interviews that helped tell Carrie’s story. Editing the story to only one minute was also crucial as some social media outlets do not allow videos to exceed that length. Once finished, Sarah posted the video across multiple social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In just 48 hours, Carrie raised $2,600 which was 75% of her fundraising goal.